Dental Implants are the go-to solution to replace missing natural teeth. They are a combination of a crown made from dental-grate ceramic and a metal stud made from titanium. Dr. Isaacman will insert the impact into the jawbone at the exact position of the missing tooth. It restores both oral aesthetics and functionality.

What problems are caused by missing teeth?

  1. Oral functionality will be affected when a tooth goes missing. You will not be able to bite and chew food as easily, and your speech could change, too.
  2. Your remaining teeth may move from their positions, as a gap is left in your jawbone.
  3. When a tooth is removed, it could lead to jawbone deterioration.
  4. You may be conscious of your appearance due to the missing tooth.

What is involved in a dental implant procedure?

At Bluff City Dental, we take a custom approach to our dental implant candidates, as each smile is unique and has different needs. Factors such as jawbone size, oral health, blood pressure, etc. will be measured to make sure you are a good candidate for dental implants.

We will make a small hole in the jawbone and insert the implant into ti. Dental cement is used to secure the implant, and a recovery time will be determined. During your recovery time, the jawbone will grow around the grooves of the implant, and your gums will grow around the stud. At your follow up appointment, we will place the crown on the implant and conduct a bite test to ensure that your implant is a perfect fit.

Why are implants preferred over alternatives?

  • implants offer excellent strength and stability as the are inserted into the jawbone.
  • the implant crown is highly durable as it is made from dental-grade ceramic
  • they are long lasting restorations
  • since the implant is inserted into the jawbone, it keeps the adjoining teeth from drifting from throw ideal positions.
  • the grooves on the implant stud keep the jawbone from deteriorating